Peroxides and Azo-compounds are used in a large scale as initiators for the radical polymerization of monomers. Their main application is to find initiators in the production of low density polyethylene (LDPE), PVC, polystyrene, acrylates, and other polymers. Certain organic peroxides also come in chain degradation of polypropylene if used. An important selection criterion is the decay rate, which is determined by the half-life. The half-life is the time in which half of the peroxide disintegrates in a given solvent at a given temperature.

Since we are dealing with highly reactive chemical substances, safety is our number one concern. By implementing specific procedures on production, storage and transport of products we ensure the safest product on the market. As these chemicals also produce waste, are chemical treatment and disposal system deal with waste in the most efficient and eco-friendly way. Are main object is to protect our surrounding environment against hazardous materials by providing an efficient and effective way to deal with the waste coming off the product.

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